Parish Nurses are persons of faith who are experienced nurses and therapists and who have received special education in holistic health care. They have skills in teaching, health counseling, assessment and education as well as knowledge of community resources. The Parish Nurse or Therapist provides spiritual, mental and physical care to individuals and congregations. They are available for home visits or telephone consultation.

Stephen Ministers are trained and supervised lay caregivers from our parish who provide one-on-one Christian care & listening to those who are bereaved, hospitalized, terminally ill, separated, divorced, unemployed, relocated, lonely or facing a crisis or life challenge.

Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound extend the Eucharistic Liturgy beyond our church walls by taking communion to and praying with homebound parishioners (those who are unable to attend Mass). These ministers have received specialized training to include ministering to the unique needs of the homebound.

Legion of Mary is the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the Catholic Church. Members promote a life of prayer and service including works such as door-to-door evangelization, parishioner visitation, prison ministry, visitation of the sick or aged, visiting the newly baptized, Virgin statue rotations and responding to spiritual needs of the parish community.

Pastoral Counselors are licensed therapists who offer psycho/social, spiritual, and pastoral counseling to parishioners in a safe and confidential environment. Individual, couples and group counseling sessions are available at no cost, on-site, in the Pastoral Counseling Office or in-home for the elderly, infirm or those who are homebound. Pastoral Counseling is for individuals, couples, teens, children and families who are seeking support with a variety of psycho/social/interpersonal concerns including anxiety, depression, crisis, loss, marital conflict, chronic illness, substance abuse, divorce and separation and life transitions.

Social Work Services are available for the homebound elderly, those recently hospitalized, the mentally ill and those needing any type of social assessment, intervention, obtaining in-home or supportive services or referral to community resources.

Bereavement Counseling
and follow-up is available to anyone suffering the loss of a loved one to death Individual counseling sessions are available as well as bereavement support groups that are offered throughout the year.

Clergy & Pastoral Support
remains available for spiritual and theological guidance and direction.