We the people of God in St. Mary Magdalene Parish, San Diego, CA , in union with each other, with our pastor, with the chief shepherd of our diocese, and in union too, with all the members everywhere of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Christ and governed by His Vicar, the Bishop of Rome and successor of St. Peter, do hereby unite to form a Pastoral Council.

Established in 1953, the Catholic Parish of St. Mary Magdalene in San Diego exists to proclaim the loving presence of God to all in the community. This challenge and opportunity is based on the foundation of sacramental living and witnessing to faith by service and striving for unity by:

Celebrating the Sacred Liturgy with such joy that all members are motivated to share Jesus with others;

Emphasizing the importance of family life;

Encouraging and providing learning opportunities for
renewal in the Catholic faith;

Enabling each individual to use his/her gifts and talents in service to all;

Recognizing that we need the help of the Holy Spirit in achieving the unity we seek as we acknowledge diversity.